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Popular Question About Garage Door

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Popular Question About Garage Door

Ensure your garage door is as safe and functional as it should be! Read the answers to our most commonly asked questions relating to these systems. Just scroll down for more information.

The motor is working so why isn't the door moving?

This issue is most often due to a broken spring or lift cable. Check these components closely. If one of them is broken, disconnect the opener from the door and have the component replaced right away. If these hardware parts are intact, you should check those belonging to the opener system for damage. Pay special attention to the trolley. Damaged components must be fixed or changed right away before the problem spreads to other parts of the system.

How do I know which type of garage door is best for me?

Selecting a garage door type can require a lot of research and decision-making. The best way to make a choice is to familiarize yourself with the different types by researching online or going to showrooms. You should also familiarize yourself with the system you have, if you're only replacing the door, you need to consider if it is going to be compatible with the opener you have for example. Alternatively, you can always contact our experts to help you choose the right door for your needs.

Should I get an insulated garage door?

Good insulation is always worth investing in. A well insulated garage door will increase the energy efficiency of your house and help you to bring down the cost of your energy bills. They are often more durable as well.

Can I change the color of my garage door?

All garage doors can be repainted except aluminum ones. Aluminum cannot be painted over which is why it's good to choose the right color of aluminum overhead doors from the very start. Wood and steel can be painted over any time you want.

Is rust dangerous for the system?

Over time, rust can make the moving door parts very noisy and accelarate general wear and tear. This is why we recommend regular lubrication of all moving parts and also encourage the use of stainless steel for certain components prone to rust.


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